[dropcap type=”square” text=”E” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″]veryone has a different calling in life. To some it can be to the medical field, to sports, law, teaching, acting and so on. No matter what we choose to do we follow what our heart is telling us we want the most. To me, that’s writing. I have always had a want and a need for storytelling. Since I was a young child I have had the urge to create my own grand adventures using the written word. One single genre has never been able to contain my imagination so I have written stories from fantasy and drama to sci-fi and historical. I have never been one to want to limit what my mind can produce. I love the act of creating characters, settings and the entire world that it all exists in. It allows me a freedom that you seldom fine, I can do whatever I want in the world I am creating. It’s the most daunting part of writing, the absolute creation of everything but is also the most rewarding when it all comes together in the end.

I daydream story points, twists and turns and other ideas while I am working my normal job or just out and about. My writing is always with me. The biggest thing that draws me to writing is the art of telling a grand story. I love to create pieces that draw the reader in and make them really feel like they were a part of the story. Writing stories that get the reader to connect emotionally and truly be invested in what they are experiencing through my words is a big part of how I write. Depth is an important part as I truly wish to create beautiful engrossing worlds that you never want to leave.

I am one that has never claimed to be the best technical writer when it comes to producing my work. Grammar, structure and proper use of everything is something I work on everyday to better myself at to help my stories be as strong as they can be. The story itself, the journey through the pages is my main focus and the rest becomes my concentration once that foundation has been laid. I believe in honesty in life and honesty in the way that I write as I believe it leads to the most genuine heartfelt experiences, written or lived.

The world of writing is ever changing, especially with how deep into the digital age we advance. It has changed how many of us go about writing and getting our work out there. Before your only real choice to have your novels read was to go after the big publishers and hope that they find something worth while in what you have done, which can take years to come to fruition. Now, you have a choice to self publish your works and have it out as quickly as you want (with some drawbacks of course). I am one that does want to see my work on bookshelves and even being turned into movies but deep down in my heart as long as my stories are being read and enjoyed I feel that I can never be disappointed in what I have done.

Writing a novel can be just as big of an adventure as the ones we are trying to capture and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. This is why I write.