[dropcap type=”square” text=”W” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″]ell if you have not yet noticed I’ve been doing a bit of tweaks around the old website already. I’ve added in a fancy little letter box at the beginning of each post for a little more visual presentation and I am looking into why some don’t display on the main page but display in the full post. I’ve also gone through and cut down some of my longer blog entries (to see the entire post you have to click “read more” now) to help with the amount of scrolling you would have to do on mobile devices.

Lastly I have added a full portfolio for my graphic design so you can see what designs I have created throughout the years. I decided not to put up the thousands of concepts and random designs that never really saw the light of day since, like I said, there are thousands of them. You can visit it here: http://www.bradcovey.com/portfolio/ . There are 67 designs in there but for some reason it is only showing the first ten and the pages are not working. A fix will happen hopefully soon.