[dropcap type=”square” text=”W” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″]ell the craziness of life has wrapped me up again. Trying to get things ready for a well needed vacation before our first daughter is born this fall which is a lot of preparation in itself. I’ve been trying to put my graphic design on the back burner a bit but paying jobs just keep coming up and I just can’t turn down decent money. All in all I’ve felt like I’ve been pulled in a thousand different directions lately.

I spent some time last week editing what I have written so far on Why We Start Fires after I realized I had repeated the same thing in a chapter about 5 times. Now that the quick edit is over I’m back to writing. As someone mentioned on my Facebook page and I totally agree with it is best to do all editing printed out on paper. I did not notice half of the items I corrected when looking at my story on the iMac. It’s also nice to have that print out of your work in your hand as you are reading it. My writing is going a bit slower than I would like simply because of how much I have going on but it’s getting there. I’m hoping to get some good writing done this weekend and on the few extra days I have off after returning from vacation.

As I’ve mentioned before I constantly have a thousand different ideas popping into my head for new story ideas. I’ve come up with another idea recently that I believe will be the next story I write after Why We Start Fires. I have several extremely ambitious sci-fi fantasy stories on the back burner as I want to establish my writing a bit better before attempting them. One is planned as a series so I really want to be prepared before plunging into that world. The story I came up with recently will be called Farewell to Everything and follows the life of Charley Wood, a 40 year old man who had lived a rather plain life. After recently being diagnosed with terminal cancer Charley chose not to go the route most do, getting treatments & fighting the disease and decides to sell everything he owns, saving only a few choice items and leaving everything and everyone behind. After randomly picking a destination in Europe Charley ends up discovering something incredible; A life worth living for. It’s going to be a dramatic dark comedy type of novel with a lot of heart and emotion. I’m really excited to get to work on it as I have a few great moments in the book already mapped out. It will make you laugh, cry and overall take a different look at life.

That’s all for now as life is calling me back to it. More news soon.