[dropcap type=”square” text=”I” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″] guess I could also title this post the long forgotten blog! It has been a while since I last put up an update and I apologize for that. Things got a little crazy and hectic plus my graphic design work that I do on the side picked up a bit as well. I’m going to attempt to keep a steady flow of updates coming as I continue to work on my debut novel.

Throughout the years that I have been working on my writing I have started and stopped on several different stories. Once I started on one, another idea would pop up and I would then start work on it. I have finally been able to settle my mind down a bit and concentrate on one story so far and have set it to be my debut novel. You can read an initial and very early blurb about the story below:



Why We Start Fires is set during the Great Depression and follows the trials of Noah Bishop, a 17 year old kid quickly thrust into adulthood when his mother passes away, leaving him and his sister Anna alone with their step-father Bill. When Bill turns to alcoholism and abuse, blaming Noah for their mother’s death, Noah must take care of his family and insure that the abuse never turns towards his sister. But when he returns home one day and finds Bill attempting to beat down his sisters door, Noah must do something drastic to free them from their step-father, no matter what it takes.


I have been spending as much time as I can every day working on the story and hope to have the initial first rough draft completed by the fall. After I have given it a good edit, I may start sharing quotes from the book on here. I have also decided that I will self publish the work and see where it goes from there. It should be available across most major platforms including iBooks, Kindle, Nook and Google Books. More options will be added when I actually get down to prepping and submitting it in the proper formats.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph I am going to try and keep this blog updated often and will include posts about my writing, some quotes and excerpts from my work and anything else I can think of. Once every month or so I also plan on doing an author spotlight entry, highlighting an indie writer and their work. I thought this would be a good way to give back to the other indie authors out there. We all need to help each other to keep the dream going.

I will be utilizing Kickstarter at some point to help raise funds for publishing my first novel. The funds raised will go towards helping me pay for editing, copyrights, ISBN registration and printing of a run of paperback and hardcover books. I’m still getting the details together and trying to decide what time would be best to launch the project. Hopefully it does well enough so I can have a good first launch.

That’s it for this update! More to come when it comes. Thanks for visiting and be sure to visit me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/bradcovey and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bradcoveyofficial.