Happy New Year to all!

It has been a while since I’ve made an update here on my official site. 2014 was a whirlwind as I lost a loved one year ago yesterday, in April I started a new full time position at a new company, my daughter has grown leaps and bounds and so many other changes have taken place. So where does this leave my writing? It’s still there, I have not stopped and I am writing whenever I can but it also means that it is still moving along at a snail’s pace. I have never been one to rush things just to have it out there. I’ve always tried to take my time, make sure that anything I am putting out is the best quality it can be and that I am truly proud of what has been delivered.

Some writers can crank out 4-5 novels a year, others can go 5 years + to put out a single novel. It really all depends on how much time we have to put into it and how quickly the story comes to us. “Why We Start Fires” has been in the works for several years now and I promise you it will be out, I just can’t say when. I’m hoping for a 2015 release but I am not going to brand it for this year like I have for the past couple. When it’s finally released the book will be as solid as I feel it should be, it will have everything poured into as I could and hopefully will grip the readers to the very last page.

I thank you all for sticking around, for checking in and interacting with me. The best is truly still to come.