[dropcap type=”square” text=”S” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″]o yet again life throws me a curveball or two. Family members stricken with illness & beloved family pets losing their health battles and passing away has made the last few weeks not only tough but tiring and really lacking in anything I could call “me time” until recently. The good thing is that one of those members of the family are looking better and the other is going to have surgery soon to correct their health.

Sadness can be a griping and debilitating thing, even when you are grieving over a loved and cherished family pet that has passed on. You never know how much a pet means to you until they are gone as they really do become a close member of the family. I tried sitting down and writing a few times through it all but the pure emotion of the situation had taken over and my mind was completely clouded by thoughts of things going on around me and not of my story.

Coming up next weekend is my 10 year high school reunion and it, along with other things going on in my life, has had me reflecting back on the past 10 years. I’ve gone through a lot of changes with the biggest being my weight. At my heaviest I was around or over 400 lbs (I don’t have an exact weight, the last weight I can remember was 380 lbs but that was a bit before I started losing it) and at my lowest during my weight loss was 210 lbs. I’ve gained about 20 lbs back but I’m still proud to say I’ve kept off nearly 180 lbs in 7 years (the weight loss started in July 7 years ago). I’m not happy with those 20 extra pounds back and if I can get over my more recent injury I will be working on taking that 20 back off. Once I receive a photo someone had of me from high school I plan on posting up a comparison photo in a new blog entry that will give my tips and tricks on losing weight. Someone even told me I should write a novella telling about my weight loss which I may do one day.

I checked out The Dark Knight Rises yesterday with a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Nolan ended his trilogy well although his finale was a little drawn out and slow at times he handled everything with care. He is a masterful storyteller. I still believe that The Dark Knight is my favorite of the three but that will take another viewing of The Dark Knight Rises before I can fully make that official. Nolan did a fantastic job rebooting Batman and I’m interested to see where it goes from here. Nolan is finished with Batman but we all know they won’t let that franchise sit dormant for too long.


I purchased recently a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet to see how it would help with my graphic design and hopefully I can use it to do some painting for book cover designs. I was never a great painter or freehand drawer but I could be decent enough if I took my time. I have not had time to really play with the tablet yet but I hope to soon and see if I can put it to use. I have always wanted a drawing tablet and found one on sale that was too good of a deal to pass up. This will be my first stab at digital painting (although I will use the tablet for other graphic design purposes) and looking forward to trying it out.

Speaking of design, I’m working on a stand alone blog entry that will detail my cover design services with some examples. I’ll admit I am pretty new to doing book covers but I have over 16 years of design experience behind me so I’m pretty confident I can take them on. For the most part I have put my design services on the back burner to write but since I want to help out other authors at the same time I am opening my services to them. I am also looking into offering my services in helping other authors setup blogs and designing them. Every author needs a good website and blog to help out their work.


As I mentioned earlier, I have not had the best of times lately and it left me mentally drained leaving not much creativity for writing. I plan on knocking out a couple hours after I finish this entry though and getting myself back on track. Writing a novel is far from the easiest thing, especially when you are writing your first. Making sure you keep all your facts in line, characters consistant and keeping the dialogue and story telling from dragging takes a lot of work. I have been trying just to simply write and get all my ideas down before doing any editing but I still catch myself going back and forth for the reasons I just mentioned. Today I am going to attempt again just to write, let it flow and see what comes out. It’s also tough trying to write when you have a lot of things going on and have a pregnant wife you are trying to spend time with. Writing requires a lot of alone time and that’s tough to do when are very busy. I hope to have my first draft completed by the fall so I can start editing and getting some friends to read it before I hire an actual editor. Even though I am self publish I will make sure it is as polished as it would be coming from one of the big publishing houses. With the amount of self published authors being offered publishing deals, movie and tv pickups I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens I have always pictured and thought that my stories would do very well as films and hope to one day have a story brought to life on the big screen. As much as I am a writer and love to tell stories on paper, I am a big movie buff and that would be the best of both words to have a published novel made into a good movie. I am still trying to get my networking established better and hope that I can give Why We Start Fires a decent launch next year.

I will have another blog entry coming sometime soon full of writer resources that I have come across and used along with author interviews starting at some point. As much as this blog will be about me and my writings/life while becoming an author, I want to help out other authors as much as I can. Several items still in the planning stages but hope to bring them to light soon.