Life really has a way of testing you and stacking things up. I am not going to dive into all the details but my life lately has been, well, beyond full. So many things going on and going wrong has really challenged me lately. I have barely known which side is up with everything that has been happening. Needless to say my writing has suffered from all of it. My mind just hasn’t been in the right creative mind space that it needs to be in. I’ve sat down numerous times to write on Why We Start Fires with very little work coming out of it. I just cannot seem to concentrate on much of anything right now and it just drives me even crazier.

The end of all the madness is not quiet here yet but I am determined to find my way back through this seemingly endless forest and come back to where I need to be. Thank you all for sticking around and with me through the silence and I hope to be able to share more of the world of Why We Start Fires soon.