[dropcap type=”square” text=”G” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#ff8c00″]ood morning! This blog entry is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I’m going to retread on a few things I have already said and elaborate on some other aspects. Trying to catch everyone up as I try and a get a more stable blogging routine with sharing my experience as I journey into writing.

From the beginning to now

I started my journey into writing way back when I was a child. I always had a love for the written word and even spent some of my summer vacations writing stories. I wrote my senior portfolio pretty much in a weeks time, all from scratch and came up with a proficient mark, not too shabby for how much writing I did without any editing. After graduating writing faded away a bit from me and didn’t resurface till about 5-6 years ago. I decided then that I wanted to write stories again and go as far as publishing them. Along with this great journey I was embarking on another journey, this one of weight loss. I was around 400 lbs and struggling. One day something just seemed to click and I began hitting it hard. About 1-2 years later I had dropped about 200 lbs and doing great although I couldn’t say the same for my writing. Most of my concentration went into making myself healthier. After that I tried to dive back into writing but met my future wife soon after and again it was put on the back burner as I fell madly in love. Last year I finally got myself back into the writing game and started on Why We Start Fires. Our daughter was born late last year and although it did slow my writing down I never fully pushed it to the background and have kept at it.

So much to do, so little time

I try to set aside 1-2 hours a day to write. This also includes trying (trying is the keyword right now) to give some updates on this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Somedays it has been easy, others pretty hard to do so but the biggest thing I have to do is at least try to get in as much as I can. Writing is very important to me and I really can not wait until I have a story ready for publishing. One thing that has proven a little difficult so far is getting myself to concentrate on one story idea. Throughout my days I will have so many ideas zoom in and out of my mind and most of them get me so excited that I want to start writing them, even though I’m already writing one! I have been working on my organization a bit more lately to help me keep my concentration on Why We Start Fires and really get my thoughts and ideas for that story clearly marked out.


Like most people I face a lot of distractions. Not only do I work a full time job, I also have a part time job doing graphic design on top of my writing. Throw into that being a husband, new father and having a homestead to take care of there doesn’t seem enough time in most days to get everything done. Taking care what I need to and avoiding the “unimportant” distractions is something I juggle every single day.

Just Write

I am a decent amount of the way into Why We Start Fires and I’ve done one small edit to what I have written so far. I have been trying for the most part to just write and save my editing for later but those sentences that I know just are not right bug me until I go back and change them. Pressing forward I am going to just let my fingers do the typing and wait till the draft is finished to edit. That is probably going to be the best way to get the story written without it taking several more years.

Be prepared

While I write I have also been looking into everything I need to accomplish once the manuscript is finished. This includes editing, formatting, print options, agents and publishers (when and if I pursue them), ISBN registration, copyrights, promotion and so on. I want to try and be the most prepared that I can be to give my writing the best chance of succeeding. I like to have a game plan and I believe I have a pretty solid foundation for when I am ready.

The path continues

I am still working on finding the “voice” for my blog. I want it to be about my journey into writing (at first) and still figuring out the best way to go about sharing that information with you all. This is going to be a long and winding road and I want to share my experience with everyone. It hasn’t been easy so far and hope the road ahead has at least a few silver linings. Feel free to comment and leave me feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time. – Brad