Today my interview is with JL Bond and Val Richards. JL Bond and Val Richards are the authors of “Eleventh Elementum”, first book in The Primortus Chronicles.

J.L. Bond is an author, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters.  Contrary to popular belief, she is not related to that other J. Bond, nor is she an international woman of intrigue.  J.L. grew up in a military family and developed her love for travel early in life.  She’s lived in five states, Germany and Hong Kong.  She began blogging in 2005 while on a seven-month long “around the world” trip.  She has visited twenty-one countries and counting.

Currently, she finds inspiration for her adventure stories from the tropical setting of her home in Florida.

Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination.

Val lived most of her life in the rolling hills of Tennessee but decided she needed majestic oceans to fuel her inspiration. She now resides in sunny Florida where creativity abounds.

Brad Covey: Thank you for joining me for the interview today, why don’t you tell us all a little bit more about “Eleventh Elementum”.

Val Richards: Thanks for inviting us, Brad.

JL Bond: Yes, thank you. But you know, you’re living dangerously by asking us to talk about our book. It’s like asking a “new mom” about her baby.

VR: That’s right, we sometimes say we feel like we gave birth to Eleventh Elementum. It’s our first book, and also the first of the Primortus Chronicles series.

JLB: It’s a YA fantasy adventure, but we wrote it with people of all ages in mind. And we decided to set our story in the future.

VR: But not too far out, so that our characters could still pull in some of today’s topics and jargon. Actually, they’re living in a very different place, because of a catastrophic event known as the Day of Disaster. But we felt there were a lot of dystopian series out there. So, we began our story fifteen years after the event, when the world is well on its way to recovery.

JLB: Our main character is a fourteen year old girl named Skylee Porter, and she’s basically thrown into a world of magic when she’s given a couple of mysterious items that once belonged to the her father.

VR: Then her new stepsister, best friend and his cousin join her on an adventure to New Zealand. I think what sets our book apart is that we decided to write it in third person all knowing, which allowed us the opportunity to included the perspectives of a few of the other characters.

JLB: We could go on and on, I told you it was dangerous to ask.

VR: Definitely, but we will spare you and your readership from our endless chatter about our Primortus world.

BC: What brought you two together?

JLB: Well, you might say we were thrown together by two things—the exciting world of childcare and college—we first met while working at a daycare center and then became college roommates.

VR: Yes, and we’ll pass on telling you what happened to our grades while we were roommates.

JLB: I think that would be best, but I will say we had lots of fun.

BC: Is there a specific reason that you decided to create a YA fantasy novel together?

JLB: It really didn’t start out as a YA fantasy, did it Val?

VR: Honestly, JL had envisioned a series of books on travel that were going to be geared toward the primary ages (8-11).  But as we started working on the plot and characters, along with what they would be doing, so we bumped up the age category.

JLB: The story just took a life of its own.

VR: Yep, and to me, the characters have too.  I know their fictional but I feel like I really know them.

JLB: Oh, yeah, so do I. It kind of reminds me of that movie with the little boy who says he see’s dead people—only I hear fictional people. Now, if I can just get them to stop keeping me awake at night.

VR: Man, they keep me up too.

BC: What has it been like co-authoring a novel?

JLB: Honestly, I’m not sure I would’ve made it through the first book on my own. Whenever I felt like giving up, I knew that Val was toiling along on the manuscript with me and it encouraged me to keep going.

VR: Are you kidding! Don’t let J.L. fool ya, she’s been instrumental in pushing me to continue writing. There were times, when life stuff happened, that I wondered if we would ever finish the first book, let alone write others.

JLB: I guess we both kept each other going.

VR: Yes.

BC: Is co-authoring something you would recommend that other authors try at least once?

JLB: Absolutely!

VR: I would, too. It has been and still is an amazing journey and getting to share that with someone, is fantastic. Beware: you may experience some bazaar changes in your thought process. For example: they are the identical to your writing partners.

JLB: We’ve even given it a name…mind-melding.

BC: Do you hope one day to have your books turned into films or television shows?

JLB: We can dream!

VR: (soft laughter) Yes, we can, that’s why we write fantasy!!

BC: You are currently working on the second book of the Primortus Chronicles, “Hollowed Humusara”, can you tell us more about it?

JLB: Book two picks up right where Eleventh Elementum left off. Skylee has survived her first battle with Brinfrost, but he’s still out there and determined to have revenge. Skylee’s relationship with Will takes some twists and turns. Also, favorite characters, Chrism and Airon, are pulled further into the Primortus World.

VR: Right, and more truths are revealed in the second book. The reader will become more acquainted with the Humusara and its importance.

BC: When can we expect to see “Hollowed Humusara”?

JLB: Um, you tell them Val, I never seem to have a realistic date in mind.

VR: Well…let me think. Yes, I know—when we’re finished with it! (giggle).  Seriously, we would love for it to be finished in November of this year but realistically, it will be more like January/February.

BC: What has been the best thing about writing these novels together?

JLB: Our friendship has grown, and we’ve both learned so much!

VR: I was thinking that same thing. This happens a lot where we have the same thoughts (warning above).  Sometimes, it’s a bit scary, not for us, but for our families.

JLB: True, our families just don’t get the mind-melding thing!

BC: What can we expect in the future from JL Bond and Val Richards?

JLB: The final book in the Primortus Chronicles Trilogy. And then, we hope to each tackle a book individually.

VR: Yes, I think that JL will go for the younger aged children and I’ll probably do something for older teens.  Also, at some point, I wouldn’t mind doing more of the publishing side of things, not just for us, but for others indie writers as well.

BC: Thank you for joining me for the interview, hope to speak to you all again soon.

JLB: Happy to do it, we truly appreciate the opportunity.

VR: Yes, thank you very much.

Thank you again to JL Bond and Val Richards and make sure to check out their links below.

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