Walking the Path

aking this journey into writing has not been the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of alone time, effort and all of your creative efforts to put together a cohesive story. The hardest part for me creatively has been getting my stories straight as I have anywhere between 10-20 different stories floating around in my head at any given time. I may start writing on one piece and it seems to trigger ideas for other story-lines. I’m attempting to create some more guidelines to my writings so I can get my story ideas down and then transfer them into the manuscripts. I hope this helps not only my creativity but also my stories in general.

It has been hard to find the time to write but I hope with my new organized schedule I have setup myself will force time for writing to be there. Working the graveyard shift leaves my body and mind a bit drained so when I get home it makes it even harder to get solid ideas down on paper. But, if I want to be a writer professionally this is one roadblock I must overcome and overcome it I shall. My goal of having 1-2 stories completed by the end of the year is still a possibility and and am always looking into the next steps after they are finished. My dream will come true, I’m more sure of it now than ever.

The craziness of life

hen I started this new blog about my writing I planned on giving updates every day or every few days but as you can tell it has been over a month since the last update. That crazy thing called life really kicked in and changed everything around. My day job has had me working very long hours and nearly every day leaving little to no time to dedicate to writing. I hope after the holidays when everything calms down and my work goes back to a normal routine that I can resume my journey into writing.

National Novel Writing Month

am going to take it as a sign that I should be a writer due to the fact that National Novel Writing Month is November, the month of my birth. I just signed up for the monthly contest held at http://www.nanowrimo.org to complete a 50,000 word rough draft by the end of November. I see it as a good challenge to get my ideas down on paper and hopefully will complete a draft in that time.

Wish me luck!

– Brad

Welcome to my Journey

y initial post on my new strictly writing website is now upon us! I created this site to help me not only keep people up to date on how my journey into writing is going but also help give me a place to help with writers block, share snippets and random writings plus whatever else I come up with.

To those who may be visiting that do not know me, feel free to check out the About me page in the navigation to find out more. The main thing you should know is that I am working on becoming a novelist, my dream job, and hope to at minimum have 2 stories to publish next year (more than likely self-publishing first). Check back often as I will be updating, well, often.

I am utilizing WordPress as I saw it as a better platform to share and display everything. I do graphic design on the side as a hobby (that site will be launching soon) but as I have very little experience with creating WordPress themes I am, for now, using a theme created by another author customized to my needs. As I get better with WordPress a fully custom theme will be used.

– Brad