Why We Start Fires, The Opening Lines

 wanted to do a quick blog post and share something with you all. I am still very busy working my tail off on the first draft of Why We Start Fires but I really wanted to share something with you all. Please note that as it is the first draft it is still very rough but I am happy to share with you all the first few lines of my debut novel!

The darkened skies opened wide and poured down rain upon the head of seventeen-year-old Noah Bishop as he ran up an old dirt road towards the house of Dr. Michael Sadler. Noah, a tall yet scrawny boy with dirty brown hair and matching eyes, was running with such determination that he was barely able to stop before crashing into the front door of the Sadler home.

Just a little tease. More to come later. ūüôā

Keep on Trucking

‘m still working myself into a normal routine with the ol’ blog here but my main concentration has been on writing my manuscript. I’m making decent progress as I get the story hammered out. While I have been writing I am also researching, well, everything. From editors to agents & publishers, formatters, ISBN registration, paperback/hardcover printers and so on. Making myself prepared for when I get to that point I will know what I need to do.

I wanted this blog to be about my journey into writing (thus the name) and I promise to start sharing more of that journey with you all. It’s been an interesting trip so far but it is just getting started and I do want to take everyone along for the ride. I’ve met some interesting people and found out a good deal of information that i hope to pass on, to readers and others who are looking into writing their first novels.

I have added a widget to the right column with links to other author blogs. Make sure to go check them out, give their books a read and enjoy!

Until next time. – Brad

Why Do We Write?

Everyone has a different calling in life. To some it can be to the medical field, to sports, law, teaching, acting and so on. No matter what we choose to do we follow what our heart is telling us we want the most. To me, that’s writing. I have always had a want and a need for storytelling. Since I was a young child I have had the urge to create my own grand adventures using the written word. One single genre has never been able to contain my imagination so I have written stories from fantasy and drama to sci-fi and historical. I have never been one to want to limit what my mind can produce. I love the act of creating characters, settings and the entire world that it all exists in. It allows me a freedom that you seldom fine, I can do whatever I want in the world I am creating. It’s the most daunting part of writing, the absolute creation of everything but is also the most rewarding when it all comes together in the end.

I daydream story points, twists and turns and other ideas while I am working my normal job or just out and about. My writing is always with me. The biggest thing that draws me to writing is the art of telling a grand story. I love to create pieces that draw the reader in and make them really feel like they were a part of the story. Writing stories that get the reader to connect emotionally and truly be invested in what they are experiencing through my words is a big part of how I write. Depth is an important part as I truly wish to create beautiful engrossing worlds that you never want to leave.

I am one that has never claimed to be the best technical writer when it comes to producing my work. Grammar, structure and proper use of everything is something I work on everyday to better myself at to help my stories be as strong as they can be. The story itself, the journey through the pages is my main focus and the rest becomes my concentration once that foundation has been laid. I believe in honesty in life and honesty in the way that I write as I believe it leads to the most genuine heartfelt experiences, written or lived.

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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing blog entry, a long time in the making! I meant to do this a few weeks ago but was waiting on a few authors to join in on it with me but alas most had already taken part or just didn’t respond. If you are an author feel free to take these questions and answer them on your blog and challenge other authors to do the same!

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There and Back Again

ell the craziness of life has wrapped me up again. Trying to get things ready for a well needed vacation before our first daughter is born this fall which is a lot of¬†preparation¬†in¬†itself. I’ve been trying to put my graphic design on the back burner a bit but paying jobs just keep coming up and I just can’t turn down decent money. All in all I’ve felt like I’ve been pulled in a thousand different directions lately.

I spent some time last week editing what I have written so far on Why We Start Fires after I realized I had repeated the¬†same thing¬†in a chapter about 5 times. Now that the quick edit is over I’m back to writing. As someone mentioned on my Facebook page and I totally agree with it is best to do all editing printed out on paper. I did not notice half of the items I¬†corrected¬†when looking at my story on the iMac. It’s also nice to have that print out of your work in your hand as you are reading it. My writing is going a bit slower than I would like simply because of how much I have going on but it’s getting there. I’m hoping to get some good writing done this weekend and on the few extra days I have off after returning from vacation.

As I’ve mentioned before I constantly have a thousand different ideas popping into my head for new story ideas. I’ve come up with another idea recently that I believe will be the next story I write after Why We Start Fires. I have several extremely¬†ambitious¬†sci-fi fantasy stories on the back burner as I want to establish my writing a bit better before attempting them. One is planned as a series so I really want to be prepared before plunging into that world. The story I came up with recently will be called Farewell to Everything¬†and follows the life of Charley Wood, a 40 year old man who had lived a rather plain life. After recently being diagnosed with terminal cancer Charley chose not to go the route most do, getting treatments & fighting the disease and decides to sell everything he owns, saving only a few choice items and leaving everything and everyone behind. After randomly picking a¬†destination in¬†Europe Charley ends up discovering something incredible; A life worth living for. It’s going to be a dramatic dark comedy type of novel with a lot of heart and emotion. I’m really¬†excited¬†to get to work on it as I have a few great moments in the book already mapped out. It will make you laugh, cry and overall take a different look at life.

That’s all for now as life is calling me back to it. More news soon.


Book Covers


So here is that long awaited blog post about my book cover design services. See below for the most recent list for pricing and details on what is offered. The above image shows some sample book covers*.

*Note that some book covers shown are still works in progress.

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Reflecting on Days Gone By


So yet again life throws me a curveball or two. Family members stricken with illness & beloved family pets losing their health battles and passing away has made the last few weeks not only tough but tiring and really lacking in anything I could call “me time” until recently. The good thing is that one of those members of the family are looking better and the other is going to have surgery soon to correct their health.

Sadness can be a griping and debilitating thing, even when you are grieving over a loved and cherished family pet that has passed on. You never know how much a pet means to you until they are gone as they really do become a close member of the family. I tried sitting down and writing a few times through it all but the pure emotion of the situation had taken over and my mind was completely clouded by thoughts of things going on around me and not of my story.

Coming up next weekend is my 10 year high school reunion and it, along with other things going on in my life, has had me reflecting back on the past 10 years. I’ve gone through a lot of changes with the biggest being my weight. At my heaviest I was around or over 400 lbs (I don’t have an exact weight, the last weight I can remember was 380 lbs but that was a bit before I started losing it) and at my lowest during my weight loss was 210 lbs. I’ve gained about 20 lbs back but I’m still proud to say I’ve kept off nearly 180 lbs in 7 years (the weight loss started in July 7 years ago). I’m not happy with those 20 extra pounds back and if I can get over my more recent injury I will be working on taking that 20 back off. Once I receive a photo someone had of me from high school I plan on posting up a¬†comparison¬†photo in a new blog entry that will give my tips and tricks on losing weight. Someone even told me I should write a novella telling about my weight loss which I may do one day.

I checked out The Dark Knight Rises yesterday with a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Nolan ended his trilogy well although his finale was a little drawn out and slow at times he handled everything with care. He is a masterful storyteller. I still believe that The Dark Knight is my favorite of the three but that will take another viewing of The Dark Knight Rises before I can fully make that official. Nolan did a fantastic job rebooting Batman and I’m interested to see where it goes from here. Nolan is finished with Batman but we all know they won’t let that franchise sit dormant for too long.

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Restarting the Fire

Well, it seems like I might have some bad luck when it comes to trying to post and write in a consistant manner. My day job became very crazy for a few weeks there and I basically worked 2-3 weeks straight before getting a full day off. Not a lot of fun and it not only left me physically drained, but mentally as well. It was rather difficult to write when all your mind is thinking about is sleep, sleep and did I mention sleep?

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Designing Book Covers

have been thinking about, along with ways to promote myself and other indie authors, about doing a contest and providing my services in graphic design to produce high resolution cover art for other authors books. I think it would be a good way to help other authors out to insure they have a quality cover because as we all know a bad cover can kill a book before it’s even read. I’m still getting adjusted to designing covers, mainly designing only for mine and a friend but I am confident I can produce eye catching work. My designer website can be viewed @ designer.bradcovey.com.

Would any reader of my blog be interested in having a book cover designed? You can contact me @ brad.covey.designs@gmail.com and I can give you a quote. The contest to give away a free cover art design will more than likely launch sometime in July so keep a lookout on my twitter page and Facebook page for more.

visit me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/bradcovey and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bradcoveyofficial.


The Spark that Lights the Fire

I guess I could also title this post the long forgotten blog! It has been a while since I last put up an update and I apologize for that. Things got a little crazy and hectic plus my graphic design work that I do on the side picked up a bit as well. I’m going to attempt to keep a steady flow of updates coming as I continue to work on my debut novel.

Throughout the years that I have been working on my writing I have started and stopped on several different stories. Once I started on one, another idea would pop up and I would then start work on it. I have finally been able to settle my mind down a bit and concentrate on one story so far and have set it to be my debut novel. You can read an initial and very early blurb about the story below:

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