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The Sound of Silence

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

It seems, over and over again, that life wants to challenge you. That it wants to test you and that’s exactly what 2016 was like for me. A year in which I looked outward with great hope for what could come. To the possibility of growth as a writer, of fulfilling my dream of publication.

I think I wrote 2 paragraphs last year.

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2015: The Long and Winding Road to Nowhere

I try to keep in mind that it’s a long journey. It’s not a race. It’s about staying focused, continuing to do good work, make my family and community proud; that’s all I really want to do… and pay my bills.

Gina Rodriguez

I saw that quote and couldn’t help but to laugh about it as it basically sums up a lot of things for me. 2015 has been a pretty quiet year for me on social media and my site but it has been anything but quiet in, well, real life. The birth of my second child, a career that keeps me busy and more changes in my family & personal life that, honestly, I’m not going to go into detail about. Let’s just say it’s been busy everywhere but on the writing front, which makes me sad.

I have been so busy with work, family and life in general that I’ve barely touched “Why We Start Fires” which completely goes against my goal of publishing this year. It’s getting closer to being complete, just a few more hills (that grow into bigger and bigger mountains daily) to climb and lots of heavy editing to do. It will get there, one day, and I can’t wait to have everyone read it and I really hope you see how all the hard work and time put into it will be worth the wait.


In the end, I’m still writing, still working towards my goal but family (and bills) come first.

Here’s to more time to write and making 2016 the year of fire. 🙂

Until next time,


Tweaks and updates

ell if you have not yet noticed I’ve been doing a bit of tweaks around the old website already. I’ve added in a fancy little letter box at the beginning of each post for a little more visual presentation and I am looking into why some don’t display on the main page but display in the full post. I’ve also gone through and cut down some of my longer blog entries (to see the entire post you have to click “read more” now) to help with the amount of scrolling you would have to do on mobile devices.

Lastly I have added a full portfolio for my graphic design so you can see what designs I have created throughout the years. I decided not to put up the thousands of concepts and random designs that never really saw the light of day since, like I said, there are thousands of them. You can visit it here: . There are 67 designs in there but for some reason it is only showing the first ten and the pages are not working. A fix will happen hopefully soon.


The Liebster Blog Award


A big thank you goes out to Tara Ford for inviting me to join the Liebster Blog Award. Tara Ford is the author of  “Calling All Services” which will be launching soon.

 You can find Tara Ford at the links below.




The Liebster Blog Award is all about getting recognition to blogs and authors that have a smaller following. My job is to post 11 random facts about me, answer Tara’s 11 questions and then come up with 11 of my own for 11 more authors to do as I did (11 facts, answer 11 questions, create 11 and then get 11 more authors to do so).

Read on for the full post!

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New Book Covers

I thought I’d share with you some of the latest book covers I’ve designed. Make sure to to click each one to see the full size image and hit up the links below to be taken to the page to purchase them and give the author’s some well deserved support. A third book cover is coming soon for the last book in Victoria Grefer’s Herezoth Trilogy but I can’t show you just yet. 🙂

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The Journey

Good morning! This blog entry is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I’m going to retread on a few things I have already said and elaborate on some other aspects. Trying to catch everyone up as I try and a get a more stable blogging routine with sharing my experience as I journey into writing.

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Why We Start Fires, The Opening Lines

 wanted to do a quick blog post and share something with you all. I am still very busy working my tail off on the first draft of Why We Start Fires but I really wanted to share something with you all. Please note that as it is the first draft it is still very rough but I am happy to share with you all the first few lines of my debut novel!

The darkened skies opened wide and poured down rain upon the head of seventeen-year-old Noah Bishop as he ran up an old dirt road towards the house of Dr. Michael Sadler. Noah, a tall yet scrawny boy with dirty brown hair and matching eyes, was running with such determination that he was barely able to stop before crashing into the front door of the Sadler home.

Just a little tease. More to come later. 🙂

Keep on Trucking

‘m still working myself into a normal routine with the ol’ blog here but my main concentration has been on writing my manuscript. I’m making decent progress as I get the story hammered out. While I have been writing I am also researching, well, everything. From editors to agents & publishers, formatters, ISBN registration, paperback/hardcover printers and so on. Making myself prepared for when I get to that point I will know what I need to do.

I wanted this blog to be about my journey into writing (thus the name) and I promise to start sharing more of that journey with you all. It’s been an interesting trip so far but it is just getting started and I do want to take everyone along for the ride. I’ve met some interesting people and found out a good deal of information that i hope to pass on, to readers and others who are looking into writing their first novels.

I have added a widget to the right column with links to other author blogs. Make sure to go check them out, give their books a read and enjoy!

Until next time. – Brad