The Sound of Silence

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

It seems, over and over again, that life wants to challenge you. That it wants to test you and that’s exactly what 2016 was like for me. A year in which I looked outward with great hope for what could come. To the possibility of growth as a writer, of fulfilling my dream of publication.

I think I wrote 2 paragraphs last year.

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2015: The Long and Winding Road to Nowhere

I try to keep in mind that it’s a long journey. It’s not a race. It’s about staying focused, continuing to do good work, make my family and community proud; that’s all I really want to do… and pay my bills.

Gina Rodriguez

I saw that quote and couldn’t help but to laugh about it as it basically sums up a lot of things for me. 2015 has been a pretty quiet year for me on social media and my site but it has been anything but quiet in, well, real life. The birth of my second child, a career that keeps me busy and more changes in my family & personal life that, honestly, I’m not going to go into detail about. Let’s just say it’s been busy everywhere but on the writing front, which makes me sad.

I have been so busy with work, family and life in general that I’ve barely touched “Why We Start Fires” which completely goes against my goal of publishing this year. It’s getting closer to being complete, just a few more hills (that grow into bigger and bigger mountains daily) to climb and lots of heavy editing to do. It will get there, one day, and I can’t wait to have everyone read it and I really hope you see how all the hard work and time put into it will be worth the wait.


In the end, I’m still writing, still working towards my goal but family (and bills) come first.

Here’s to more time to write and making 2016 the year of fire. 🙂

Until next time,


Rolling Along

Happy New Year to all!

It has been a while since I’ve made an update here on my official site. 2014 was a whirlwind as I lost a loved one year ago yesterday, in April I started a new full time position at a new company, my daughter has grown leaps and bounds and so many other changes have taken place. So where does this leave my writing? It’s still there, I have not stopped and I am writing whenever I can but it also means that it is still moving along at a snail’s pace. I have never been one to rush things just to have it out there. I’ve always tried to take my time, make sure that anything I am putting out is the best quality it can be and that I am truly proud of what has been delivered.

Some writers can crank out 4-5 novels a year, others can go 5 years + to put out a single novel. It really all depends on how much time we have to put into it and how quickly the story comes to us. “Why We Start Fires” has been in the works for several years now and I promise you it will be out, I just can’t say when. I’m hoping for a 2015 release but I am not going to brand it for this year like I have for the past couple. When it’s finally released the book will be as solid as I feel it should be, it will have everything poured into as I could and hopefully will grip the readers to the very last page.

I thank you all for sticking around, for checking in and interacting with me. The best is truly still to come.


Author Interview: C. Warner-Thompson


Today my interview is with author C. Warner-Thompson. Clemy was born in the UK in 1991 where she still lives, growing up alongside one younger and three older brothers.

Books and writing was an interest that she began to develop from the first years of secondary school, and on her thirteenth birthday, she began to plan and design the idea to write a fantasy novel. She finished secondary school with high GCSE’s and then went on into further education to study English and all aspects of art and design. After six years of writing, planning and overall editing of the book, it was successfully completed, containing over 82,000 words, and self published in the first week of 2011.

With high expectations in herself, she immediately began to write a second novel in the series, while keeping her art and design a part of the process. The achievement of completing the first novel ‘Purest Light,’ allowed the ideas of the second to flow much easier and it was completed by early 2012. As she was writing the third and final book, New Beginnings, at the same time, the series was finished by its publication in 2013.

Writing is now a part of her everyday and she has now started her newest project, The Mirage, which is book two of three.

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Author Interview: Keri Beevis


Today my interview is with author Keri Beevis. Keri is an award winning author from Norfolk, England, who has been writing for over twenty years. In previous incarnations she has worked as a video rental store assistant, the world’s worst hairdresser and as a caricaturist, but the love and need to write has always been in her blood. Her debut novel, “Dead Letter Day”, an American set, twisty serial killer thriller came runner up in the Rethink Press New Novels Competition 2012.

Keri lives with her two pampered cats and is busy working on the sequel to “Dead Letter Day”. When not writing she can usually be found watching movies or frequenting the beer gardens of the Norfolk countryside.

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Author Interview: JL Bond and Val Richards


Today my interview is with JL Bond and Val Richards. JL Bond and Val Richards are the authors of “Eleventh Elementum”, first book in The Primortus Chronicles.

J.L. Bond is an author, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters.  Contrary to popular belief, she is not related to that other J. Bond, nor is she an international woman of intrigue.  J.L. grew up in a military family and developed her love for travel early in life.  She’s lived in five states, Germany and Hong Kong.  She began blogging in 2005 while on a seven-month long “around the world” trip.  She has visited twenty-one countries and counting.

Currently, she finds inspiration for her adventure stories from the tropical setting of her home in Florida.

Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination.

Val lived most of her life in the rolling hills of Tennessee but decided she needed majestic oceans to fuel her inspiration. She now resides in sunny Florida where creativity abounds.

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